Pollen Music Group has collected three Emmy’s, two Oscar nominations, multiple Golden Reel and Annie’s Awards and many many more.


Cinequest Award WinnerOut There

Cinequest Official SelectionOut There

Telly Award WinnerBonfire

Annie Award WinnerBonfire



Academy Award ShortlistAge of Sail
AMP Award Nominee: Most Innovative Music – Age of Sail

Annie Award Winner – Crow: The Legend
Annie Award NomineeAge of Sail
Annie Award Nominee – Back to the Moon
Annie Award Nominee: Best Music – Back to the Moon

Cinequest Award Winner – Night of My Death
Emmy Award Winner – Crow: The Legend
Emmy Award Nominee: Best Sound – Crow: The Legend

MPSE/Golden Reel Award WinnerAge of Sail
MPSE/Golden Reel Award Nominee – Crow: The Legend

Oxford International FF Award – Night of My Death

Sandbox Immersive Festival Grand Jury Award – Bonfire
Webby Award – Back to the Moon


Annie Award Nominee – Son of Jaguar
Cannes Lions Award Finalist – Sonaria

Clio Award Winner – Back to the Moon
Emmy Award Nominee – Back to the Moon

Emmy Award – Asteroids!
Emmy Award Nominee – Son of Jaguar
Emmy Award Finalist – Sonaria

Motion Award – Sonaria
Telly Award – Sonaria
Telly Award: Best Sound – Sonaria

Telly Award Winner – Rain or Shine
Visual Effects Society Award Nominee – Sonaria
Webby Award Nominee – Sonaria


Academy Award Nominee – Pearl
Annie Award Winner: Best Music – Pearl
Annie Award Nominee – Pearl
Ciclope Award Winner: Best Original Music – Pearl
Ciclope Award Winner: Best Music Supervision – Pearl
Emmy Award Winner – Pearl
Emmy Award Nominee – The Simpsons: Planet of the Couches
MPSE/Golden Reel Award – Pearl
Peabody Award – Pearl

K Music Video Award Nominee – Gorillaz: Saturnz Barz


AMP Award Winner: Best Music & Sound – Pearl

Annie Award Nominee – On Ice
Cannes Lions Award Winner: Technical Achievement – Help!
Cannes Lions Award Winner: Best VR – Help!
Proto Award Winner: Best Score – Pearl
Academy Award Shortlist – Duet
AICP Award Winner: Best Music – Duet
Annie Award Nominee – Duet
Academy Award NomineePresto
Annie Award NomineePresto