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    • AI Voice Recognition
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Audio UX Process

Problem and Stakeholder Discovery

Each client is different. Our first step is to understand the unique challenges each stake holder is facing.

Test Set-Up and Group Definitions

Proper test set up is essential. If you aren't asking the right questions of the right people, then the data will not be optimized to help guide your design.

In-Person User Testing

Relying on our deep database, we can select from a variety of demographics to make sure we are collecting data that speaks directly to the products intended audience.

Analysis and Insights

Data without expert analysis is well, just data. We dig into the numbers and summarize with actionable guidance to support engineering decisions.

Iterate and Optimize

New builds? New hardware versions? We test each option and each build in your pipeline to identify trends which can corroborate or help you adjust before it gets to late.

Recommendations and Strategic Focus

What's next? Based on our findings, we work with you and your team to determine the best path forward.

Pollen Worldvoice™

A customizable worldwide voice capture workflow for ai recognition system training and optimization.

  • Recruit

  • Record

  • Dataset Creation