Duet (Glen Keane)

Spotlight Story
About This Project

Duet was shortlisted for a 2014 Oscar in the short film category. Initially created as an interactive experience for the Andriod phone platform, the project evolved into a theatrical release. In order to support both venues, Pollen had to create two versions of the score. The magical music features vocals by Megan Slankard and Alexis Harte and full string section recorded at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, Ca.

The short Duet was revealed at Google’s I/O conference for developers, mostly because it will be installed on select Android devices as the third installment in Google’s innovative Spotlight Stories campaign. Each Spotlight Story is an interactive film that uses the device’s gyroscope and accelerometer to create interactive narrative experiences, allowing the viewer to “pan” around a virtual set as the movie plays out.