Location Recording,
Sound Design and Score,
3D Mix and Mastering
for 360 Videos and VR apps.


Pollen is your first call. We provide full production line mixing on set anywhere in the world along with specialized spherical capture equipment so that we have everything we need from clean dialog to 3D ambiences.


Back to our studios where we process the production audio. We add award winning custom sound design, foley and spatial effects for the most immersive audio experience possible.


Pollen goes deep. App integrations in Unity, Unreal, Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus,  GearVR and others. We deliver mixes in all formats from stereo to full sphere including spatial audio compatible with YouTube360.


Directed by Scot Stafford and Chromosphere

The idea for “Sonaria” was conceived by Scot Stafford, creative director of music and sound for all the Google Spotlight Stories projects. Stafford co-directed the short with L.A.-based animation studio Chromosphere.


360 Sound by Pollen

From Baobab Studios, ASTEROIDS! is an official selection of Sundance Film Festival.

The Simpsons

600th Anniversary

Not everyone is convinced that virtual reality is the future, but at least one beloved institution, The Simpsons, has hopped onto the VR train. To celebrate its 600th episode, GSS and Pollen Music Group bring you “The Couch Gag” in VR.


Dir. by Patrick Osborne

Pearl follows a father and daughter on the road together, tracing his struggles to make it as a musician and parent, and her coming-of-age and musical journey to fulfillment. Original song, score and full spherical sound design by Pollen Music Group.

Adidas: Project Harden

Sound Design and Spherical Mix by Pollen

Pollen and Tool of NA bring you Project Harden VR, a GearVR experience in honor of James Harden’s killer new kicks.


Dir. by Glen Keane

Duet is an interactive animated story. It is a synthesis of the most ground breaking virtual world technology and the most ancient of all art forms—drawing. From the beginning of this project we knew it would be a celebration of life through line. Pollen won the 2015 AICE Award for best original score.


Sound Design and Spherical Mix by Pollen

Justin Lin and YouTube have released the first digital live-action short that fully uses Google’s 360-degree technology. Directed by Lin (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Star Trek Beyond), puts the viewer in the middle of downtown Los Angeles just as an alien crash-lands on the planet.

Special Delivery

A short film made by Academy Award-winning studio, Aardman Animations

Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep), Google ATAP’s Spotlight Stories, and Pollen Music Group team up for the original short, Special Delivery, a film using Spotlight’s unique interactive storytelling experience that is viewable on the YouTube app.

Intel CES 2017

Autonomous Driving Booth

Sound design for Microsoft Hololens and audio experience design.


Original Score by Pollen

Meet Henry is the second video from Oculus Story Studio, Henry is a cute and friendly hedgehog! Henry is the first virtual character created by Oculus Story Studio.

On Ice

Created by Shannon Tindle

“On Ice” is a nutty story about a Sci-Fi-themed Ice Capade extravaganza, which is interrupted by — wait for it — a giant bear. On skates, no less. Original Score and Sound Design by Pollen Music Group.

Buggy Night

Original Score by Pollen

“Much in the same way that Pixar has tried to bring animated shorts back, these two Spotlight Stories put a warm smile on your face and leave you with a desire to see more. From a technical perspective, these stories create an amazing augmented reality landscape.” – Wired

Windy Day

Dir. by Jan Pinkava

The phone’s screen becomes a looking-glass that peers into a stylized virtual forest. Music plays, with the Django-esque, jazzy feel of an old-time Paris bistro. Move the phone up, down, right, left, and you can see more and more of this colorful world. Try it yourself in the Google Spotlight Stories app for Android and iOs.