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Welcome To Pollen

Real Sound for the Virtual World

Location Recording, Sound Design, Score, 3D Mix and Mastering for Immersive Experiences and AR/VR content


Pollen is your first call. We provide full production line mixing on set anywhere in the world along with specialized spherical capture equipment so that we have everything we need from clean dialog to 3D ambiences.


Back to our studios where we process the production audio. We add award winning custom sound design, foley and spatial effects for the most immersive audio experience possible.


Pollen goes deep. App integrations in Unity, Unreal, Cardboard, Daydream, Oculus,  GearVR and others. We deliver mixes in all formats from stereo, Atmos™ and full sphere.

The Art and Science of 360 Audio

Award Winning Custom Score

From the Oscar nominated short Presto by Pixar to Glen Keane’s Duet (2015 AICE Best Original Score), From Patrick Osborne’s Pearl to Jan Pinkava’s Windy Day, Pollen provides the best in custom score, songwriting, and post.

Cutting Edge Tools

We use hardware and software tools made by the best in the … and we’ve built a bunch of goodies ourselves to allow us to produce the best results in spatial audio for the biggest clients in the world.

Immersive Spatialized Audio for the Virtual World

Full Spherical Audio From Set to Mix

Looking to License? Check out some artists from our library