Pollen Music Group has collected three Emmy’s, two Oscar nominations, multiple Golden Reel and Annie’s Awards and many many more.


AMP Award Winner: Best Music & Sound – Out There

Cinequest Award Winner: Best Sound Design – Out There

Cinequest Award Winner: Best AR Out There

Cinequest Award Winner: Best VR Animation – Bonfire

Telly Award Winner: Best ImmersiveBonfire

Annie Award Winner: Best VR – Bonfire



Academy Award Shortlist: Best Animated Short – Age of Sail

AMP Award Nominee: Most Innovative Music – Age of Sail

Annie Award Winner: Best VR – Crow: The Legend

Annie Award Nominee: Best VRAge of Sail

Annie Award Nominee: Best Animated Special Production – Back to the Moon

Annie Award Nominee: Best Music – Back to the Moon

Cinequest Award Winner: Best Music Video – Night of My Death

Emmy Award Winner: Best Interactive – Crow: The Legend

Emmy Award Nominee: Best Sound – Crow: The Legend

MPSE/Golden Reel Award Winner: Best Sound EditingAge of Sail

MPSE/Golden Reel Award Nominee: Best Sound – Crow: The Legend

Oxford International FF Award: Best Music Video – Night of My Death

Sandbox Immersive Festival: Grand Jury Award – Bonfire

Webby Award Nominee: Best Narrative Experience – Back to the Moon


Annie Award Nominee – Son of Jaguar
Cannes Lions Award Finalist – Sonaria

Clio Award Winner – Back to the Moon
Emmy Award Nominee – Back to the Moon

Emmy Award – Asteroids!
Emmy Award Nominee – Son of Jaguar
Emmy Award Finalist – Sonaria

Motion Award – Sonaria
Telly Award – Sonaria
Telly Award: Best Sound – Sonaria

Telly Award Winner – Rain or Shine
Visual Effects Society Award Nominee – Sonaria
Webby Award Nominee – Sonaria


Academy Award Nominee – Pearl
Annie Award Winner: Best Music – Pearl
Annie Award Nominee – Pearl
Ciclope Award Winner: Best Original Music – Pearl
Ciclope Award Winner: Best Music Supervision – Pearl
Emmy Award Winner – Pearl
Emmy Award Nominee – The Simpsons: Planet of the Couches
MPSE/Golden Reel Award – Pearl
Peabody Award – Pearl

K Music Video Award Nominee – Gorillaz: Saturnz Barz


AMP Award Winner: Best Music & Sound – Pearl

Annie Award Nominee – On Ice
Cannes Lions Award Winner: Technical Achievement – Help!
Cannes Lions Award Winner: Best VR – Help!
Proto Award Winner: Best Score – Pearl
Academy Award Shortlist – Duet
AICP Award Winner: Best Music – Duet
Annie Award Nominee – Duet
Academy Award NomineePresto
Annie Award NomineePresto